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Should I get a guard dog to protect my property?

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Many of Tone Locksmiths of Edgware's clients ask us how to make their home a safer place. Today we would like to give you an unusual tip, no more sophisticated alarm systems and high security lock advice. It's something a bit different from the usual answer you'll get from a typical locksmith. Don't get us wrong, high security locks and alarms will give your house quite an advantage over the regular burglar, but today we would like to talk about a guard dog.

You're right, a guard dog is not a term used that often these days, but some home owners still choose to adopt a dog who can protect their property and their loved ones from intruders. If you think about taking a guard dog you have to consider few things:

While fewer and fewer people choose to treat their dogs as living intruder alarms, preferring to welcome them as a member of the family, we have to remember that it's dogs' nature to protect his master/friend. Nurture this quality and you will get a perfect guardian for your family.

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